NAVEE Scooter Q&A

Q: How to use APP to connect NAVEE scooter?
A: Enable Bluetooth on your cellphone and place it near the scooter. Open the "Go Navee" app, tap the search icon, and select the scooter's name from the results to log in and access the app's features.
Q: What is the battery life of the NAVEE scooter?
A: Generally speaking for most models, after 500 cycles of charging and discharging, the battery capacity should not be less than 80% of the rated capacity. In order to extend life of the battery, NAVEE recommends charging when the battery status is approx.10% remaining to avoid over-discharge.
Q: How to install APP?
A: You can download by scanning the QR code in the manual or off the official website. You can also search for "Go Navee" in app store to download and install it. We support both Android and IOS.
Q: How to really move with your NAVEE scooter?
A: All the NAVEE scooters have a safety feature, where the throttle (to go) is not active until speed reaches 3 mph. Please manually kick / advance your scooter rolling to 3 mph and and push down throttle to kick in.
Q: Could the NAVEE scooter battery be removed?
A: NO. Only qualified technician is recommended to open an repair a NAVEE scooter. If a problem develops, please contact your nearby repair shop for repairing. Unauthorized disassembly will affect the warranty.
Q: What is the maximum load of the NAVEE scooter?
A: Most models support 220 – 264 lbs. These recommendations are made for reasonable expectations surrounding NAVEE speed-distance expectations etc. Total weight will affect scooter performance.
Q: What is the tire's size of the NAVEE scooter?
A: All NAVEE scooters have 10-inch pneumatic tires at the front and rear, which greatly improves the performance, cushioning and safety of the vehicle.
Q: How many speed mode do NAVEE scooter offer?
A: There are three speed mode that can be adjusted. When powered on, the display screen shows which speed mode you are currently at. Double click the power button will cycle through these 3 modes.
Q: How to contact NAVEE for repair / warranty issues?
A: Call: 833-671-1066 / Email:
Q: When will the NAVEE scooter automatically power off?
A: Under normal conditions, NAVEE scooters will automatically power off after 5 minutes.